We are super excited about our first-ever run of stickers to help promote The BackStretch.

We ordered them back in June and gave the first few out to kin family and BackStretch family (our Boarders and Volunteers).


We rescue each other!


Words that mean so much to us!

Because when we started on this trail of rescuing horses, we had no idea that they would in turn rescue us.

These are oval stickers, about 5″ x 2″. Back, white and gray.

Check out the design below. And they look great on your mobile device (check out Dennis and Janece above) or on your car.

We’re sending these beauties out to anyone who donates $10 to help support our mission to provide safe haven for abandoned, abused or neglected horses. It takes a lot to keep this 35 acre ranch growing, and we appreciate every bit of help.

Would you consider donating $10 today?

Get Your BackStretch Sticker

Help us get the word out about our amazing horse rescue ranch – and help support our mission to provide these beautiful horses a safe haven. Donate $10 or more today, and we’ll send you one of our 5″ x 2″ oval-shaped stickers.


As a part of the secure donation process via PayPal, you’ll have to add your shipping address. This is so we can send you your sticker!

We try to use our time as efficiently as possible, so we send out stickers for those who donated once each week. You may not get your sticker immediately, but it will be within a couple of weeks.

And we would LOVE to see how you’re sportin’ your BackStretch sticker. Please tag us if you post to social media.

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

We’re just getting our Instagram account up and running, but we’ll be using #thebackstretchrescue and #werescueeachother as a part of our hashtag game.

Thank you so much!

Your choice to be a part of our community means everything!